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Dont' let hearing loss leave you out

Carlisle Hearing Center

Carlisle Hearing Center is dedicated to improving hearing health and the quality of life for people of all ages.  Our mission is to provide the most technologically advanced and most affordable hearing solutions to our patients, along with the knowledge and customer service to make the solution perfect every time.

Services include:

  • Hearing examinations
  • Hearing aid repairs
  • Programming of existing hearing aids
  • Dispensing of new hearing aids

We accept most insurances!

“Jessica Mikolaichik provided exceptional service and helped me with my particular hearing problems”

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Steve Vayda

“Jessica did an awesome job of explaining my hearing problems and discussing the best choice for my hearing. I was very grateful for her patience in helping me get a great pair of hearing aids.”

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Bob McCammam

“Jessica has done a great job of helping me with my hearing loss problems. She has taken care of my hearing problems since she worked with another company. I trust no one else so I have followed her to ensure she continues to help me.Jessica does a fantastic job.”

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Ed Mascati

“The staff is compassionate and caring. They make you feel like family.  They are very informative and treat you with respect.  Very knowledgeable about the products an with products that fit you and your budget.  They should be rated #1. They are in my book.”

Sharon Schaeffer was last modified: by

Sharon Schaeffer

“I want to thank Jessica at Carlisle hearing center and the Starkey foundation for providing me with exceptional sound and service.I can finally hear again what I been missing.”

Dave Burkey was last modified: by

Dave Burkey

I went to Carlisle Hearing Center and everyone there is very nice. The practitioner Jessica is professional and sweet and the office is very clean. If anyone I know is looking for hearing aids, I will tell them to go to Carlisle Hearing. They treat you like a person and the hearing aids work great!

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Louisa Dimarco-Donia

Very Professional and super friendly.

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J. Fulton - Carlisle PA

Life is good, now that I have better hearing and so enjoying it. I am happy, my husband is happy and the family is happy! I wish I would have done this sooner, so much I had been missing. Thanks to Carlisle Hearing Center, I feel like my old self again! Thank you Jessica.

I. Fetrow was last modified: by

I. Fetrow - Carlisle Pa

Jessica and Carlisle Hearing Center are the best. My mom has been wearing aids for over 20 years and NOT hearing what we said. Both my parents and I went there together. I was very impressed with the testing that was done. I had not seen this done with my mom before. Also, I had been told that hearing aids would not help me because of the nerve damage. Granted that was many years ago. But Jessica also tested my Dad and I, we all ended up getting hearing aids. Now both my parents and can hear when I talk to them. Plus for the first time I can be part of the conversations. I usually would hear sound, but could not make out the words. I had taught myself to read lips but that only helped so much.

Since getting my hearing aids I no longer dread being part of a group and I no longer feel left out! Thanks Carlisle Hearing Center and Jessica!

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D. White - Dillsburg PA

“Thank you for providing great service to repair my Starkey hearing aids. I can now hear with both ears and I no longer have to remove my left hearing aid to talk on the phone. These hearing aids are performing better than they ever have. Thank you for showing me how to care for my hearing aids. You are the best!”

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Ed Meyer

Why wait , You don’t have to live with hearing loss.

Carlisle Hearing Aid Center

Hearing Aid and Repair Center

Carlisle Hearing Center is dedicated to improving hearing health and the quality of life for people of all ages.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide hearing products at a fair and reasonable price, as well as offering the best customer service available.

2017 Best in Cumberland County Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Candice Snyder, owner of Tranquil Moments, left, hold the ribbon for Jessica Mikolaichik, hearing instrument specialist at Carlisle Hearing Center, holding scissors, at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Carlisle Hearing Center. The group was joined by Victoria Peters, owner of the Carlisle Hearing Center with locations in Chambersburg and Hanover, second to right; Carlisle Chamber of Commerce President Michelle Crowley, right, and patients of the center.

Featured in The Carlisle Sentinel

Why wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.

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